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Alyssa passionately and enthusiastically partners with various companies to endorse products, services and brand types which are supportive of the wellness of the environment, fair in trade and labour practices, cruelty free and non GMO. 

Alyssa Pridham is a true asset to any advertising campaign and she is a pleasure to work with. Past clients continue to look forward to their continued work together.

She is an intrigue to photograph, revealing her souls essence uninhibitedly with a level of "heart centred" openness that continues to draw her audience in. 


Alyssa started a professional career as a model in her early teens. Residing predominately in New York and Los Angelos, while also traveling to and from  Toronto, Paris, Berlin, Vegas and Chicago , she modelled for hundreds of clients, including; Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, MTV, Elizabeth Arden, Elle and Glamour magazines, Revlon, Cover Girl and Good Morning America.  


Taking a breath away from the advertising industry, Alyssa set a new policy for herself in collaborating with clients who held the wellness of the whole at the heart of their companies and who's business practices, reflect such initiatives.

“I personally look forward to my continued relationship with Alyssa Pridham. She is a true asset ~ Louanne Brickhouse ~ Disney/ Dreamworks, 2007







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