"This little army knife has so many tricks up her sleeve, you'd think she was Swiss. Her voice, both airy and expressive, is what really sets her apart and makes her unique." ~ James Shahan, Urb Magazine

In The Garden

1. Show Me

2. Wisdom

3. I Am You

4. Shine Through

5. My Heart

6. Enchanted People

7. Love Is The Answer

8. Angel Eyes

9. Together We're Strong

10. Ong Namo

11. True Love




Alyssa’s music is a balm for the weary soul. An outpouring from her heart to yours. With lyrics that are honest, raw and powerful as she conveys her story and insights.


By living from her inner truth and sharing from her heart,  Alyssa continues to be a source of Inspiration and Uplifting Encouragement ! 

She has performed in hundreds of shows and her songs and singing have been featured in various films and television shows.



EPK avail upon request